The school will set up a central web-page to list all MSc projects with a link to that page. Each study will have 4-5 sentence description of what the study is about, how long it will take, and the type of topics/information required. All studies must be advertised on this page.
 Study links and description will be sent by the supervisor to the Psychology Research Support office in order to have it included on the web-page. The supervisor is responsible to ensure that the study has the correct level of ethical approval and that the appropriate information sheets and consent for online studies is followed.
 Students can post the link to the central page on social media to advertise the study. However, to preserve anonymity and that participants cannot be identified, it is crucial to break the link between the individual’s social media account and participants who complete a study. To achieve this, these social media advertisements must satisfy the following requirements:
(i) all advertisements must link to the central web page
(ii) studies that record only minimal demographics (i.e. age and gender) may also explicitly identify their own study, and must have a minimum of 10 participants.
(iii) studies that record more specific demographics may not normally include details of their study. Accordingly the experimenters should NOT give a link to that study directly or say which it is. They CAN state that they are working on their project and point people to the link to the central web-page with the study list.
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