English Essay Writing Help needs for the international TOEFL, IELTS or other exam, where one of the stages is writing an essay? Or maybe you are applying for admission to a university and you need to tell about yourself, your achievements and plans in the essay? Either way, your goal is to write a great essay in English. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, and we will help you figure it out.
This article will talk about how to write an essay in English, what types of essays are in English, how to write an introduction to an essay, and what linking words to use in the text.
The formal style of storytelling is one of the features of the English essay, which distinguishes it from essays on a free topic, to which we are used to in Russian. The British are serious about the style of presenting thoughts in an essay, therefore it is not recommended to use abbreviations and, in general, allow yourself to be frivolous in the text. Also, any essay, regardless of the topic, has a certain structure. But first things first.

Unlike pros and cons, opinion essays are meant to express your thoughts on a topic. The peculiarity of opinion essay is that you need not only to express your own opinion on the problem, but to reflect other points of view in the essay. So to speak, look at the topic from a different angle.
Writing plan: in the introduction, indicate the topic of reasoning; in the main part – express your opinion on the problem, backing it up with confident arguments, and also describe what other points of view there are; at the end, you summarize the results that support your views on the issue.

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