How to write a good essay

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Requirements to the language patterns – The papers should be written in Academic English which envisages the complex sentences, proper citations and official language; – Please avoid using colloquial English, shortenings (I’m, don’t, wouldn’t) and slang words; – Please avoid using rhetoric questions unless it is mentioned in the requirements to the paper; – Do ….  Read More

Academic writing features

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Academic writing features include: Formal, logical, cautious & unemotional language; No slang, jargon, personal anecdotes, colloquiums, exclamation marks & contractions (‘e.g. won’t, can’t, dunno, kinda’); Clear and succinct writing; No vague, generic or irrelevant information; Strong and arguable thesis statement; Precise arguments supported with properly cited information from reliable sources; Proofreading & editing. Academic Vocabulary ….  Read More


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Financial report information is highly relevant in many aspects of contemporary business life. Most users of financial statements are mainly investors and creditors. The principal concerns that users have in obtaining information are the reports’ usefulness for prediction, their appropriateness for comparison with reports from other companies, and their usefulness in evaluating for potential cash flows, their amount, timing, and the related uncertainty of occurrence (Ntanlianis, 1993). As ….  Read More