Typical academic writing mistakes to be avoided

Mistake #1: Wordiness

Express your ideas in a concise way. Long sentences (more than 30 words should be divided into separate sentences for improved readability). Cut irrelevant introductory statements or any phrases contributing to nothing but word count of the paper. Otherwise, they are to be treated as irrelevant and/or generic content that makes the presented ideas vague.

Mistake #2: A vague or missing thesis statement

The thesis statement is an integral part of an academic paper. It should be debatable, to the point, and tied to each of the body paragraphs. A missing thesis shows that the Writer is not aware of the idea to be transmitted in the paper. As a result, the writing is messy, unstructured, and difficult to read.

Mistake #3: Informal language

Avoid any slang words, idiomatic expressions, poetic diction, emphatic constructions, and/or contractions of any types. 
Proofread the paper after it is ready to make sure the mistakes of any type (related to, for example, style, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary etc.) are eliminated.

Mistake #4: Description without analysis

Do not simply repeat the ideas or arguments from the outside sources. Analyze those claims and explain them using examples and interpretation, show that they are connected to the rest of your points and are related to the thesis statement.

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